Volumio for Pine64 released

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A Pine 64 as a Music Player? Now yes, with Volumio of course!

The Pine64, after its jawdropping Kickstarter Campaign is now on the hands of many of its early supporters. And we’ve received many many requests to make Volumio available for it. Let’s briefly see the interesting specifications of this SBC:

  • 1.2 Ghz Quad-Core ARM Cortex A53 64-Bit Processor. Executes both 64 and 32 Bit for scalable high performance
  • Dual I/O expansion slots
  •  Dual Core Mali 400 MP2 Graphics card
  • Up to 2GB DDR3 Memory
  • Integrated Display engine with HDMI 1.4a
  • 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet Port
  • Optional Wi-fi\BT combo module
  • i2s Output (to be enabled still)
  • More info @ pine64.org

So, on paper this translates to a great price\value combination. An ideal candidate to build an Audiophile Music Player or server with Volumio!

And, here it is. You can download Volumio for Pine64 from our download page

Looking for some accessories for your Pine64 powered music player? Give a look at these cool items in our shop, not only they are great value for money, but getting them will help funding Volumio project!

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Michelangelo Guarise

Passionate. Heretical. Deeply in love with Technology and Music. I live in Florence, Italy where I teach Interaction Design and Marketing. I'm Volumio's founder and CEO, and I love every second of this great adventure. My audio gear is some strange mix of valve and digital amplifiers, all self built in some cold winter sleepless nights. And I just can't turn that volume knob down.
  • Karine

    I gave the Rock64 a try and was very disappointed. It’s been terribly unstable on both Volumio and OMV (which i use to store my music shared between several Volumio devices.)
    Always have to reboot once or twice before Volumio would get going (sometimes it would reboot on its own), while OMV gave out lots of kernel panic, reboots…and almost bricked a 1TO HDD.
    I’ve tried versions 2.390 and 2.424 so far.

    I’m sure Volumio has nothing to do with these stability issues. So,is there a specific type and brand of SD cards that you would recommand (i heard faster cards should be avoided), or maybe an eMMC module ?
    I’ll stick to my Raspis in the meantime.
    Best Regards

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