Volumio Mini86: stylish, powerful and great sounding Volumio Music Server

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Were you looking for a stylish, powerful and great sounding Music Server? Here it is!

As you know, our Shop mission is to offer great bang-for-buck Music gizmos. And this is why I am extremely proud to present you the Mini86: a ready-to-play Volumio powered Music Server and Streamer for USB DAC owners.

The Volumio Mini86 has one simple goal: be the most sensible x86-based device for USB DAC owners, seeking the best of the Volumio experience. I’ve searched trough the whole web for more than one year to find it, and tested it for another year to be sure it was actually capable of delivering the above.

This is the source I use in my main system, coupled with iFi’s iPurifier2 to feed my main USB DAC.


Let’s see what makes the Mini86 such a great bang for buck Audiophile Music Player:

  • It’s powered by a dual-core Intel X86 Celeron 1007U clocked at 1.50 Ghz. This means it’s a powerful enough yet low consumption device for music playback, since its a fanless design (silent)
  • It comes in a quality made full aluminum case, which looks really nice (some of you might notice a slight resemblance to a famous fruity product)
  • Very fast on the networking side as well: Gigabit ethernet and dual antenna Wireless N
  • Complete and flexible with 6 USB ports, HDMI, Analog in\out connections
  • Available in 2 configurations: standard 2GB RAM\8GB SSD and NAS Edition 4GB RAM\1TB HDD (you will be able to store 1TB of Music directly inside the Mini86, and to serve to your network via SAMBA)
  • The Mini86 will be shipped with Volumio already installed, and with its own power supply. Just connect the Power Supply, and after 1 minute you will see the Volumio Hotspot appear. Just connect to it (password: volumio2) and you’re ready to listen to your favorite music.
  • Connect any HDMI display to it, and you’ll see the Volumio UI. This means you can control it with the WebUi or with a mouse\keyboard combo


The Volumio Mini86 is available now from our SHOP, and it will have a special price until end of June, so be quick and get yours!

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Michelangelo Guarise

Passionate. Heretical. Deeply in love with Technology and Music. I live in Florence, Italy where I teach Interaction Design and Marketing. I'm Volumio's founder and CEO, and I love every second of this great adventure. My audio gear is some strange mix of valve and digital amplifiers, all self built in some cold winter sleepless nights. And I just can't turn that volume knob down.
  • Matias Orchard

    Hi there. Many thanks for such a wonderful product you’ve got with Volumio!!
    How does this Mini86 compare with the /famous fruity product/?? I’m running version 2.201 now, with really great results (much better than it was with Raspberry Pi); although wireless access to my music library and Spotify are not so great…

    • Michelangelo Guarise

      It’s sure less powerful than the fruity product, but I choose it because the Mini86 specs are just fine for listening to music. Wifi performances are really good (2 external antennas) and if you get the 2GB 8GB SSD version is completely silent! You won’t miss the fruity friend with the Mini86… 😉

      • Matias Orchard

        Thanks. Maybe, I need to add a second (or third) antenna to my fruity product… he, he, he!


    • Brian W.

      My experience with Spotify on the Mini86 is superb, thanks to the Volumio Spotify Connect 2 plugin. If you haven’t tried it, check out https://github.com/balbuze/volumio-plugins/tree/master/plugins/music_service/volspotconnect2

      • Matias Orchard

        Thanks… I know it. I’ve tried several things to actually install the plugin, with no success. I’ve followed a couple of threads where they recommend on how to do it, without luck either.
        Don’t know what to do.

        • Brian W.

          Here’s how I installed it: access http://volumio.local from a web browser on the same network as the Mini86. On the Settings pull-down menu (little gear at top right) select ‘Plugins’. Click ‘Upload Plugin’ (third tab) on Plugins Management panel. Upload volspotconnect2.zip from your downloads folder, install it, then enable the plugin. You might need to reboot before you can enjoy Spotify Connect functionality on your Mini86. I love it!

  • jezza dazzler

    Hi just checking can I just buy more ram and replace it in future. Cos I have a 1T ssd and wun mind just getting the mini86 with 2gb and upgrade with some ram modules I have lying around

    • Michelangelo Guarise

      Yes you can

  • Ádám Lukács

    Hi, I may be double posting (sorry if yes), but I can’t see my post from last night, so something might have gone wrong with it.
    Is it possible to install Kodi next to Volumio onto Volumio mini86? I have seen the thread about the plug-in, but I am not sure if it covers the mini86, too? I am looking for a hardware that can run both. I am just about to pull the trigger on the mini86. thanks, Adam

    • Michelangelo Guarise

      Hi Adam, this is definetely possible. However, we don’t have any tutorial on how to do this, and even with the plugin you might have to fiddle a lot with the underlying system. So go for this option only if you have at least a bit of expertise about linux

      • Ádám Lukács

        Michelangelo, thanks for the swift reply. Unfortunately, I am not a Linux-virtuose, so I wouldn’t risk it. Is there any chance of such a tutorial surfacing in the near future? I would definitely like to use volumio, but also like to have one gadget controlling all media consumption.

      • Bryan

        Please write a tutorial. I will be attempting the same thing.

  • Ádám Lukács

    One more question. I plan to play music from the mini86 to an IFI Micro IDSD to the amp. I already have an Ipurifier2 connecting to the Micro IDSD. Would you recommend adding either or all of the following: idefender, isilencer, Ipower? The Ipurifier clearly made a difference, so I would only add them if there are clear advantages to be had from adding either. Thanks, Adam