Volumio for Compulab Utilite Has been released

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Volumio for compulab utilite has been finally released!

So, please welcome Compulab Utilite into Volumio’s Supported Devices! This is really great news for all the folks who are looking for a device which really resembles commercial solutions for their open source audiophile music player.

What can you do with Compulab Utilite and Volumio? 

  • Enjoy Bit Perfect Sound from Analog Unbalanced output, USB or S/PDIF
  • Pair it with your Home Network via N Wireless connectivity or Gigabit Ethernet
  • Connect up to 4 USB drives to it, full of your favourite Music
  • Forget the Hassle of removing PSU to shut it down. Use the Handy ON\OFF switch and you’re good to go
  • Skyrocket your WAF with the nice and elegant Compulab Utilite Form Factor.

You can download Volumio for your Utilite here . This version features some minor under the hood improvements, and I must say that Volumio Compulab Utilite is a really killer Audiophile Music Player, making this combo really interesting thanks to its flexibility (Analog Out, Coaxial S/PDIF and USB as audio outputs) , the really nice form factor, the excellent computing power and the integrated N Wi-Fi which ensures extended range connectivity. As usual, you can discuss about that in Volumio’s Forum !

Download Volumio for Compulab Utilite


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  • Think this will tempt me into the volumino tribe! Might not be the place to ask but a YouTube video showing the ui, using the player etc would really help me convince others while I order mine

    • mikelangeloz

      Yeah, you’re right… I hope to find the time to do it soon… The major issue is that my room is a huge mess, so gotta tidy up before shooting the vid lol

      • bjarnevip

        Hi Mikelangeloz
        Now it must be the time for fixing the beta 1.1 for RaspberryPI 😀

        thanks in advance

      • Pinnocchio

        Hi Mikelangeloz,

        I would love to donate to Volumio and I will but porting the latest code to Udoo Quad would be totally awesome! I’m about to integrate everything into a chassis and only waiting for this to happen. Wrote some messages on the DIYaudio forum but the thread seems to be totally dead, hope you get it here!

        Thanks for everything!

  • minfield

    Does the analog-out work on the Utilite? Our office system only has a analog line in and I have not been able to get any sound out of the unit.

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