Volumio and Audiophonics: the first Volumio powered product is coming to life!

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Great News for you all! 



 Volumio and Audiophonics are working together to develop a Raspberry PI based digital audiophile source! Audiophonics is a leader e-commerce for audio related products, based in France and serving since years Audio conoisseurs all around the world. Just take a look at the shop to know what we are talking about…
This is just an amazing adventure, working with such a great partner to build, develop and optimize a ready to play Audiophile solution, joining respective expertises to deliver the player of our dreams. What we have in mind is a full featured, ready to play solution with the highest quality\price ratio possible. We are closely working on that, so no specs are defined yet, but you may be happy to know it will feature also a now playing OLED display… And much more, of course !
So, big news are coming soon! Stay tuned! 
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  • Toroloco

    Are you talking about a prebuilt audiophile (Raspberry) PC with DAC and Quality outputs? Or will it be some sort of DIY?

    BTW, A big fan of Volumio, finally someone who decided to take matter in own hands and share it with everyone. I’m looking forward to further advances in music technology…

  • metalrob

    Hope you’re not going to sell your soul for economy interests;-) Would be shocking to realize that a licenced product of about some thousand euros will forbid DIY- use of volumio;-)

    Just go on with this amazing thing!


    • mikelangeloz

      No, don’t worry this is never going to happen. Volumio was born free and open source, and so will remain. I think this is really good, to find a community driven software like Volumio in a commercial product. For once this will be like we want it to be, not decided by commmercial interests!

  • GuillaumeMarchand

    Cool Good News, I will buy it at audiophonics with Schiit Modi (the only one french distributor of Schiit)

  • Ben Sargeant

    Can’t wait to see it (and hear it!) – when will it be ready for market?

  • Videopac

    RPi via I2S to a ESS9023 to a Hypex Class D amp will do the trick for me.

    • I would rather have BeagleBoneBlack+I2S+Class D/T no-feedback all-digital amp instead of going digital->analog->digital->analog. If they make a full digital system, putting both amp and i2s gateway together, they can provide software “gain” control over the final output of the digital amp, effectively having a bit-perfect stream of audio from the audio-processor to the gain control circuit right behind the speaker output! That I would call a no-nonsense pure digital audio system…

  • Diar Ng