Volumio Audiophile Player version 2 released

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Volumio 2 is here. Stable and gorgeous as it should.

This is for you, for all our community members that patiently tested, suggested and made Volumio what it is. It’s for Volumio Team, who made a fantastic job using all their expertise and passion. It’s for all our OEM Partners which fostered the development and helped us financially. It’s for the Music: she deserves a player like Volumio.

Here’s what you’ll get


  • Fix swap creation on Raspberry PI 1
  • Fix playlist creation\deletion
  • Fixed player name in Airplay
  • Fix Airplay playback with async DACs
  • Fixed search when Volumio is offline
  • Fix .cue files playback
  • Fixed hardware mixer dropdown when no mixer is available
  • Fixed alarm being activated each hour
  • Fixed removal of backgrounds
  • Fixed background color selection resulting in unusable UI
  • Fixed scanning of network drives on wireless
  • Fixed clear and play
  • Fixed error with installing big plugins
  • Fixed my webradios playback
  • Fixed webradios playback
  • Fixed albumart with strange characters retrieval
  • Improved syncing changes to disk
  • Fixed adding shares with spaces
  • Fixed startup volume control
  • Leveraging browser cache for albumarts
  • Fixed playback for entire genre
  • Fixed static IP


  • Software mixer if no hard mixer is available
  • Ability to protect or disable hotspot
  • Library view
  • Grid View with Albumarts
  • Last 100 songs played in Playback menu
  • Added gapless playback as default
  • Added update db button
  • MPODMPDROID albumart server
  • Ability to control volume from mpd clients
  • Improved volume control on mobile devices
  • MPD 19.9 version
  • Unique SSH keys at first boot
  • Ability to force network scan on hotspot (compatible wi-fi dongles)
  • New languages (portuguese,suomi, hungarian, chinese, japanese, spanish)
  • Ability to update plugins when new versions are released
  • I2S DAC Autodetection via EEPROM
  • Current track vertical alignment on queue
  • Manual network connection

Volumio version 2 is available now in the download page or via the OTA Updater. We’ll first release Raspberry PI and X86 versions, in the following days we’ll also update all other platforms.

In case you’re a bit lost, take a look at the brand new user manual, and feel free to improve it by issuing us a PR!

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Michelangelo Guarise

Passionate. Heretical. Deeply in love with Technology and Music. I live in Florence, Italy where I teach Interaction Design and Marketing. I'm Volumio's founder and CEO, and I love every second of this great adventure. My audio gear is some strange mix of valve and digital amplifiers, all self built in some cold winter sleepless nights. And I just can't turn that volume knob down.
  • Orderoftheflame

    Awesome news!

  • tomyoboy

    Thanks for that great Update, i’m happy 🙂

    would ask in anybody could share a way to infrared remote control volumio2? tried older tutorials without success :/


    Welldone my friend!

  • Turboføhn™

    Awesome news! When should I expect the update to show up via the updater? Both my Pis running 0.979 and 0.990 claim to be on the most recent version…

    • Kas Makaske

      Same here, v0.979. Do I have to flash the SD card instead of using the built-in updater?

      • Turboføhn™

        They both showed the update eventually. Unfortunately, my Pi Zero now refuses to work… Ugh.

        • Kas Makaske

          Yes, now the updater did it’s job. Volumio 2 V2.001 is working perfect!
          Pi 2B with HiFiBerry DAC, plays Spotify, USB HD music library and webradio.

  • David Andrew Patterson

    Thank you very much for your efforts to produce and maintain this software. I regret I continue to experience difficulty getting this version working with a static IP address over wired ethernet. I do not normally run a DHCP server on my LAN (for reasons entirely my own) and when I have installed a fresh image of Volumio, I have generally been forced to start one especially (which is extremely awkward with my setup). When I use the Web interface to set a static one, and then restart either the network or the entire Pi**, I am unable to connect to it at all using either the static address I have set OR the DHCP server, and usually end up having to write a fresh image and start from scratch. With past versions, I have ultimately been forced to ssh in (using the DHCP address) and edit the network config files by hand, however I have not yet tried this with the version released above since the user’s guide advises against it?? It would honestly help me enormously if it was possible to edit some kind of default config file in the Windows-accessible “boot” partition setting static IP right from the outset????

    **: It is an original model B, and has no WiFi at all. Hence I presume the inbuilt “hotspot” will not try to activate??

    • David Andrew Patterson

      I don’t know how or why, but it has just started working…..!!!!! JOOT!!!

  • Has shairport-sync been updated to the current version?

    • volumio

      Yes should be the latest

  • Han

    I have installed Volumio V2.001 and It has a problem with my over 1 TB big music collection. It scans about a 1/4 of the songs and stops scanning…
    Installing a second time gives the same result.
    Any ideas how to solve this ?

    • Charles de Clarens

      weird I have two collections of 4TB (one in FLAC and one in DSF) and it worked fine scanning them… (on an Odroid C2)

  • Andy Schäfer

    Bluetooth with apt-x support would be nice!

    • volumio

      We’re researching the possibility, however as of now every strategy we saw implied Pulse Audio, which I’m very reluctant to include…
      Do you have any suggestion for an alternate way?

  • Charles de Clarens

    I’m looking for a system supporting DSD128 on I2S output. Can you say if any of the boards you tested for Volumio support it?

    • volumio

      No direct DSD over i2s. Just dop (in almost any of them)

  • Enrico Palombi

    Buongiorno,vorrei porre un quesito di base:ho acquistato una raspberry 3,un hifiberry dac+ e una hifiberry digi+ e vorrei costruire un player di rete e di files custoditi su hd.Per fare ciò,devo prima installare volumio e poi i software di hifiberry,o hifiberry include nel suo pacchetto anche il vostro volumio?Grazie e buon lavoro

    • volumio

      Salve, le basta installare Volumio e selezionare tra le opzioni di riproduzione:
      – Attivare i2s
      – Selezioni hifiberry dac+ o digi+ a seconda dei casi


      • Ferrignio


        Anch’io ho lo stesso sistema: Raspberry Pi3 cono Hifiberry Dac+ e Volumio 2.118.
        Nella configurazione dell’interfaccia I2S la scheda Dac + viene riconosciuta ma quando avvio la riproduzione mi appare l’errore “failed to open audio output” . Se seleziono Hifiberry Dac funziona fino a che non riavvio il sistema, se invece seleziono I2S Dac generico funziona tutto bene anche dopo riaccensione.

  • Jan

    Dear Michelangelo, really great you continue working on volumio, thx a heap! It’s my standard music system, and I love it. I am using it on a cubox-i, and your download page says for this hardware volumio v2 is not available. Does that mean “not yet”, or do you not plan to support cubox-i? Best regards, Jan

  • Markus Pohlen

    any plans for FTP client and client for Mega.co.nz (via megatools) ?

  • Kas Makaske

    Volumio V2.031 on Rpi is working smooth without any bugs. However: Spotify generates weekly a personal playlist Release Radar and this one is not visible in Volumio. Does anyone has the same problem?
    Kind regards, Kas

  • Jan

    Hi Michelangelo (and community), a big thanks again! I bought the Mamboberry LS DAC+ (44/48MHz version) and Kali I2S Reclocker from your shop, installed Volumio 2 on my RPI3 — and the sound is fantastic! Joyful combination. For anybody experiencing wifi connectivity problems (eg music switching on an off) in that setting: try setting your wifi router on fixed channel 10, see eg here: https://github.com/raspberrypi/linux/issues/1588. Works perfectly for me. Br, Jan

  • Sir Harry Plunket-Greene

    Installed Volumio 2 (replacing 1,5) and HifiMeDiy USB DAC is not recogised. Can’t even get sound to come out of Audio Jack. Disappointed.

    • Sir Harry Plunket-Greene

      Worked after 3 reboots. Nothing else changed.

  • Ossi Viljakainen

    Really loved Volumio as soon as I installed it. But soon I discovered what it is lacking:
    – Soundcloud
    – Deezer
    – Youtube
    – Mixcloud

    And I use these services a lot.

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