• Michelangelo Guarise

    Michelangelo GuariseProject Founder

    Entrepeneur, Professor and Interaction designer. Can't just explain his job to parents.

  • Daniele Busciantella Ricci

    Daniele Busciantella RicciProject   Branding

    If Volumio looks good, this is the guy to applaude. Designer and Musician he knows how things should look

  • massimiliano  fanciulli

    massimiliano fanciullibackend lead developer

    Defining himself as "An engineer with an Axe" he is the mind behind the core functionalities of Volumio, despite callback hells and endless promises

  • riccardo  greco

    riccardo grecooperating system os-integration

    cat /riccardo/dev/heart = linux

  • tommaso rossi

    tommaso rossifrontend lead developer

    Committed JS Ninja and classic car lover, wonder why its frontends are so smooth?

  • michel  menafra

    michel menafravolumio site developer - seo specialist

    Extremely curious, hard worker and full of interests: Volumio got him !

  • valeria franci

    valeria francigraphic designer

    Valeria works and lives in Florence, and her days are simply not big enough for her ideas

  • Andre Vellori

    Andre VelloriAPI & Backend

    His name is Andre, he solves problems. And he has hell of moustaches

  • gkkpch

    gkkpchInitramfs Master

    He lives were no kernel has ever dared, he knows things you don't

  • Alex Pinner

    Alex PinnerUI Designer

    The only Frontend Designer that can actually explain why things should look like that. And he is also right

  • Stefania Lanfranco

    Stefania LanfrancoShop Manager

    Extremely competent in shopping and fully devoted to management. A girl with skills, indeed

  • Giuliano Gambacorta

    Giuliano GambacortaCharming Developer

    He wanted to be a Polar Bear, instead he now develops all things Volumio

  • Cris Pintea

    Cris PinteaLead Android Developer

    Give him a code editor good enough and an API on which to work on, and he shall move the world

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