Let's make Volumio 3 happen!

Wow! It has been a while since the last time we have spoken or wrote here in our blog. I am really sorry but there is a great reason for it! Behind the scenes, there were too many things we have been working on these past months, many software improvements, fixes and a brand new feature (exciting!). So today we have decided it is time to catch up with all of you and give you the latest exciting news on the biggest update on Volumio this year: the release of Volumio 3!

After more than 2 years of work by Volumio Team and the community, we are really pleased to announce that Volumio3 is in the final stage of development and it will be officially released very shortly.

On the Volumio Forum, you may have seen back in February this year we started the testing of Volumio 3 Buster Beta for our dedicated devices (RPI, Tinkerboard and x86). Before giving more details, we want to say thank you to all contributors of our community who have been helping in the development and fixes for Volumio 3 for all these months, it really takes a village to develop an excellent music player, and we could not have done it without all of your help.

Now let's get to the fun part, what is Volumio 3? What are the next steps for the official release?

About Volumio 3

Volumio 3 is a next-level upgrade from our current Volumio version (Volumio 2). Thanks to our Volumio developers' works, Volumio 3 will be faster, better in terms of security and future proof. The newest version of Volumio has left the Debian jesse version and is built based on the newer Debian Buster version. Even if it's not noticeable to the eyes, the Debian Buster version helps Volumio 3 to be better in terms of performance and compatibility.

Advanced Audio Modular Processing Pipeline

That’s the real deal of Volumio3 and it’s the feature that required the most work. We are very proud of it since, from a mere technological perspective, it makes Volumio probably the most advanced audio player in terms of flexibility and audio processing.
The Advanced Audio Modular Processing Pipeline (AAMPP from now on) is a facility built into Volumio that allows plugins to take any audio (from any service and source) and do processing on it, and chaining to multiple processing modules.
This allows a potential huge customizability of audio processing modules, working with each other.

As an example: audio is played from TIDAL Connect, then fed into a parametric equalizer, then sent to network endpoints for synchronized playback.

Other things that can now be possible with Volumio AAMPP are:

  • Synchronized multiroom playback
  • Adaptive resampling
  • Resampling for all sources
  • Playing silence when audio is not in use
  • DSP and EQ on all sources
  • Playback to Bluetooth headsets
  • Playback to Chromecast or SONOS

And this is possible for all sources: Spotify, Spotify Connect, TIDAL, TIDAL Connect, Radios, Bluetooth, Analog inputs etc.

We’ve built Volumio AAMPP in a way that also plugin developers can take advantage of it, by defining an API to add their processing modules as Volumio plugins.
And the best of it all is that, when no modules are doing DSP or any manipulation, playback stays bit-perfect.

Additionally, the months of testing have been of great importance to remove as many of the annoying bugs as possible in order to release the most stable version of Volumio 3. But besides the many improvements on the backend system, you will find a brand-new feature on Volumio 3.

Multi-Room Sync Playback in Volumio 3



Yes, you read it correctly. The Multi-room feature will be released in Volumio 3!

Finally, we made it. With Volumio3 you will be able to play in sync ANY source to up to 6 Volumio players (Available for MyVolumio Superstar users).
You will be surprised to hear that we work on this for about 4 years, but we never got something we felt quite up to our expectations.
It took so long because we wanted to be able to synchronize playback, not only for MPD sources, but for all sources, like Bluetooth, TIDAL and so on. And we wanted it to be easy to use and with the ability to switch from single device playback to multiroom playback without interruptions.

This has been made possible by using Volumio AAMPP, by adding a processing module which selectively outputs audio to the audio card or to the network. The rest is handled by the excellent snapcast, which ensures playback is synchronized with a latency of max 0.2 ms.

Adding the multi-room to our list of features will give you the chance to group two or more Volumio devices to fill every room with your favorite music in perfect sync. This feature will be available in one of our premium plans, MyVolumio Superstar.


On the right menu, you can group and sync your devices

New plugins store

One of the things that set Volumio apart is the possibility to extend its functionality via plugins. There are already a whole lot of plugins made by the team and the community and that’s fantastic because it allows to extend Volumio to possibilities that we never dreamt of.
However, that comes at a price: given the complex nature of plugin development and interaction with the core Volumio, sometimes installing one or multiple plugins can make Volumio unstable.
We want to have a better curation of plugins and a better way for plugin developers to test their creation in a safe way, to make plugins available when they are stable and safe for the overall community.
The new plugin store allows to have different stages for plugins (alpha, beta and stable) which allows for broader testing and easier updates.
We are setting up a stricter control procedure and a standardized tests to help developers create top-notch plugins and a facility to rate them.
This is also why, to access the plugin store, a MyVolumio account will be required (of course, the free MyVolumio tier).

New Build System

While our beloved build script worked well for quite some years, it was time for a step up. The whole build system has been refactored to achieve 3 main goals: maintainability, observability and faster builds. While this is something that you will never notice, it means that we will be able to build and deploy faster new Volumio versions, which will mean more updates frequency.

Before the official release...

We understand how the last steps before the release are crucial, so we want to make sure all is stable and working phenomenally before the official release for the public. As I mentioned before, it takes a community to have an excellent audio player, so this is where we want to invite you to help us with the final testing.

To all Volumio users interested in joining us on this final step and help us do the final testing of Volumio 3, please click on the button below and follow the quick steps to participate in the final testing. If you find bugs, imperfections or something not working as it should, please leave a report there.

Thank you to all who helped to make Volumio 3 a reality and we will keep in touch next week with more updates on the testing and official release date.



TIDAL Connect is now available on Volumio!

Since the beginning, Volumio’s vision has always been to keep the ongoing search to provide solutions that enhance the way people listen to music. To continue this purpose, we focus on two main things for Volumio; to provide the highest sound quality possible and in the most convenient and ease of use approach. 

This vision resulted in a great partnership with the leader in hifi music streaming service, TIDAL. And today, a new feature that will provide Volumio and TIDAL users the finest music experience is finally released on Volumio: TIDAL Connect. 

Over two years ago we incorporated the TIDAL Native Integration feature on Volumio, giving the chance for users to interact with TIDAL directly for the Volumio UI. With TIDAL Connect, we want to give our community what matters most: more options and more comfort. Whether you prefer to manage their TIDAL music content via their app or the Volumio UI, now the choice exists.

TIDAL Connect superb new feature is now available for MyVolumio users, giving a seamless experience to listen to your favorite music from the comfort of the TIDAL app. If you haven’t heard of TIDAL Connect before, let us tell you the advantages you can get with the TIDAL Connect feature in Volumio.tidal-connect-volumio-app

What is TIDAL Connect and the benefits of it on Volumio?

If you haven’t heard of TIDAL Connect before, it is a fairly new feature of the Norwegian music streaming service TIDAL, released back in November 2020.  Basically, you can stream your music directly from the cloud to supported third-party devices. And as of today, all Volumio devices are TIDAL Connect supported and ready to play on! 

Think of it as the same concept as Spotify Connect. TIDAL Connect works the same way: from your phone, computer or tablet, with a click on the TIDAL app, you can cast all your music content to your Volumio device.

Here is better news for audiophiles and music lovers! In addition to easily control your music straight from the TIDAL app, you get two more important benefits from it: TIDAL Connect lets you stream all the HIFI music in lossless quality and provides gapless playback. 

The TIDAL connect feature is now available to all MyVolumio Virtuoso and Superstar users.

Whether you have Volumio Primo, or installed Volumio OS devices on the official platforms, these will all be compatible with the TIDAL Connect feature. 

How do I get started with TIDAL Connect on MyVolumio?

To use the TIDAL Connect feature, follow these simple steps:

1. Make sure both of your devices are connected to the same network.

2. Update Volumio to the latest version v2.878

3. Login to your MyVolumio –Virtuoso or Superstar– account on the Volumio UI.

4. Make sure your TIDAL app version is on or above: 

- iOS: v2.16.0 or Later -Android: v2.32.0 or Later 

5. Open the TIDAL app from your phone, computer or tablet;

6. Go to the Now Playing page,

7. Click on the “Sound Output” icon and choose your Volumio device.

Now you can listen to your favorite music for hours; uninterrupted and without any limitations in the quality of the music you are listening to. Can’t get any better than this!

This could not have been achieved without the phenomenal community that gives us their inputs and suggestion to continue to improve Volumio. To Mervin and our developer's team who worked on the integration of this feature for Volumio, and to the TIDAL Connect team to give us their support and a pleasant experience implementing this feature.

Now is time for you to try it out by login into your MyVolumio Virtuoso or Superstar account!

And if you haven't subscribed to one yet...

Invite your friends and get rewarded with MyVolumio Referral Program!

There is this nice feeling you have when you share something you love to your peers... Whenever you tell your friends about your favorite song or band, or even a purchase you've made that went beyond your expectations, the first thing we do is tell about it to our close ones and invite them to try it too. But the best feeling is when they try it and enjoy it as much as you do! Here at Volumio, we've proud to announce the launch of the MyVolumio Referral Program. Now you can share your love for music and Volumio, and consequently, getting rewarded for it.

We can say we are extremely proud of the community we have built these past few years. We've noticed how much you guys enjoy Volumio as much as we do developing it. Therefore, we have decided to have our referral program for you to be rewarded while sharing Volumio to your close ones.

The MyVolumio Referral program is dedicated to ALL MyVolumio users. If you have a MyVolumio account, whether it is the free or premium account, you are instantly eligible to participate.


How does MyVolumio Referral Program works?

  1. You must have a MyVolumio account. If you don't have it yet, it only takes two minutes to create one.
  2. After you have signed up or logged in on your MyVolumio account, you can find on your profile page the Referral section, simply click on "Start sharing now" and you are in!
  3. You will get an unique referral link that you can share it in different platforms to everybody you know.
  4. Once your friend signs up to MyVolumio through your unique link, it will count as one referral.
  5. You get rewarded! The rewards are according to the milestone program and your subscription type, and the leaderboard program.

What are the Milestone & Leaderboard Campaigns?

MyVolumio Referral Program consists of two campaigns: Milestone & LeaderboardFor each milestone achieved, you’ll receive the rewards according to your subscription type (Free, Virtuoso or Superstar). At the end of each month, the top 1 on the leaderboard will receive the big prize!

What are the rewards?

Milestone rewards are received depending of which plan do you have active on your account. You can win Virtuoso and Superstar premium plans according to your subscription. We separated the rewards according to your active susbcription type to be fair to all users, and get the rewards according to the value of your subscription.

Milestone Rewards:

  • 1 Referral: 5% discount on Volumio Primo
  • 5 Referrals: Additional month for free on your subscription. If you have MyVolumio Free, you will get one month free of MyVolumio Virtuoso.
  • 10 Referrals: Additional two months for free on your current paid subscription. If you have If you have MyVolumio Free, you will get one month free of MyVolumio Virtuoso.
  • 30 Referrals: One year for free on your subscription. For MyVolumio Free users, you will receive a one year of MyVolumio Virtuoso.

Leaderboard Reward: The one with most referral each month will receive a MyVolumio Superstar Lifetime plan!


You can see your unique link, the rewards, a real-time count of your referral and the leaderboard on the Volumio UI or myvolumio.org while logged in on your account, as you can see in the image below.



We've seen you enjoy Volumio, so why not share your love to the rest? Our goal is to help you share their your experience with Volumio and excitement with the rest. As an user, with the Referral Program you’ll get rewarded whenever your unique referral link is being used by everybody you know when they sign up to MyVolumio and grow our community!

This program's goal is for our users to invite other people to join Volumio. If you are enjoying Volumio we want you to show to your friends and closed ones why you use our services and why they should try it as well. And from there, you receive all the rewards. Therefore, is important to mention we do not accept any fraudulent participation and behavior on the program. We do this with good intentions, hence, we expect the same from all participants.

Let's share with MyVolumio Referral Program today! Create your account today or log in to your MyVolumio account and participate!

Happy Referring to all!



MyVolumio music player features

Discover Your Music With MyVolumio Latest Credits Feature!

Ever wondered when you are listen to your favorite music, what's the story behind each song or album? Who are the people being acknowledged behind each record?  Many other questions come to our mind when we play music, especially when we play the music we enjoy the most. We want to know who were the people behind each masterpiece we listen. Today, after a great deal of work, a new feature is added to MyVolumio users.

The Music and Artists Credit Discovery feature will allow you to answer all the questions above and more by exploring the behind the scenes of the music you listen on MyVolumio.


You can see on the video above a quick overview of how this new feature works.

The new released is available to all MyVolumio Superstar subscribers. We believe is an important addition for the audiophile, letting you find out detailed information about songs, artists or albums.

MyVolumio Music Player Discovery Feature
You can read the biography of your favorite artists.


From the biography of an artist to the story of the studio where an album was recorded, all this information will be easily accessed on the User Interface. You can access to all this data on the browse menu, or in the playback page.

MyVolumio UI Music Details
Want to know who play what? Now you can!


The Music and Artists Credit Discovery feature gives you the opportunity to learn the story of each album, the credits list, or even the instruments that were used to record from all the music on your local files. And not only for your local files, but also for MyVolumio compatible services such as Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify, and more.

The feature comes in different languages (French Version)


Adding to all these capabilities, the data can be available in the current language you use on the software, but if that's not the case, the will appear in English.

MyVolumio feature on mobile version
You can also enjoy it on the mobile version.


And this is where we say thank you to all the contributors that made this release possible. This new addition to MyVolumio would not have been possible without the help of Jo, his creative mind came up with the idea, worked on the cloud side of it and the design, making this vision a reality.

Another important contribution we must acknowledge is to Agnes & Bence of Ollala Design Studio. For all Volumio users, this great team worked on the usability of the Volumio UI, releasing a refreshed web user interface, with many fixes. The Ollalla Design Studio team explained "In this release we designed and implemented the newest iteration of the music browser. The main goal was to provide a flatter and more content rich music experience for the users while maintaining consistency with the existing UI. This project was definitely a good start to get to know Volumio and the team. Stay tuned for the leap of developments that are coming! Volumio has a bright future and we'll make sure to polish the UI this pearl."

A big thanks goes as well to Chris for his great insights, code contributions and suggestions, Gkkpch, Balbuze, Ash, Giacomo, Monica, Stefano, Massimiliano and all Volumio team members which do awesome things for this project.

Last but not least, we have to thank Wikipedia and Music Brainz (to which we are proud to be Supporters) for their amazing collective work over the years. The contribution of those 2 projects to mankind wisdom and access to information is invaluable. Without them, the work we've done on this feature would not simply be possible. If you appreciate freedom of information, think about the fact that those 2 projects have huge operational costs to be run, so consider making a donation to keep them making the world a better place ( Wikimedia foundation Donation Link, Metabrainz Foundation Donation Link).

MyVolumio music player software Features
Learn all the credits in the Credit Section

Now that we've shown you what the Music and Artists Credit Discovery features does, the facts you can read and learn about your favorite music, and the refreshed Volumio web UI; we want to invite you to see it for yourself and try it out!

The feature is available to MyVolumio Superstar users, just update Volumio to the latest version and enjoy the feature, in the event you still cannot see it, simply refresh your browser page.

This new release brings also many improvements for the free Volumio system (as you know, the financial boost coming out from MyVolumio is reinvested in the whole platform, no just the freemium part). All users are getting a reworked Album and Artist overview pages (with a more informative readout of the item, such as genre and file type), and a whole bunch of minor fixes. Next on our roadmap is to further improve the "customizability" of the browse page to allow you to "PIN" your favorite items for faster access and extra convenience.

Last but not least, we want your feedback! What do you think about this new addition to MyVolumio? Do you find it useful and interesting? Are there other credits information about your music you would like see? Give us your opinion or write down any questions you may have in the comment section!


Volumio Alexa Skill - Find out more

Volumio Alexa Skill? We've got you covered!


Dear Community!
We're excited to announce that Volumio Alexa Skill is now available. This means you will now be able to control Volumio playback using Amazon's Alexa voice control.

We know that virtual assistants and voice user interactions are becoming more and more mainstream and widely adopted by consumers. So we wanted to give you access to Volumio Alexa Skill.


This feature is available now for all MyVolumio users on a Virtuoso and Superstar plan.

If you want to upgrade you can click here and chose one of our Virtuoso or Superstar Plan.

Enabling Volumio Alexa Skill:

First,  install the Volumio Alexa skill from Alexa's app. Then, on search skills write "Volumio" and install it.

Steps for Alexa Skill configuration:

  • Now, Click on “Activate” to start the configuration.
  • Then, login using your MyVolumio credential and allow Alexa.
  • Once you receive your user credential information confirmation, click on "Find" to find the registered Volumio devices or ask: “Alexa, discover my devices”.Note: when the device search is finished we suggest you to wait about 30 seconds before play the music.
  • Finally, play the music on Volumio using the device name. For example, if you have a device called "kitchen", ask "Alexa, play on kitchen"

Now, You can control Volumio by using voice commands such as:

"Alexa, turn up the volume on Volumio" or "Alexa, next song on Volumio"

That's it!

We hope you will enjoy it!

MyVolumio: the new Audiophile cloud echosystem for Music Lovers

Dear Music lovers, today it's a special day for Volumio and all of us.
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