It’s a wonderful time to be an Audiophile: with small computers and Volumio you can build up your DIY Audiophile Streamer. And the whole Audio scene sees new indepentend manufacturers bring exciting products to the market every day, both for DIYers and curious consumers.

The first goal of this shop is give visibility to those independent manufacturers, some of them we’ve been cooperating with from the beginning, and offering a curated selection of the most interesting, and cost-effective, audio devices, accessories and solutions.

Every purchase made on Volumio Shop will fund Volumio development with a commission on every purchase. This way, Volumio users will benefit from a great and curated selection, independent manufacturers will gather precious resources and Volumio will be more self-sustaining.


Our goal is to range from accessories, like Power Supplies, DACs and Displays to bundles and complete system. We look forward to receive suggestions on stuff you wish to find on our shop. If you’re an audio manufacturer and would lke to showcase your creations here, get in touch with us

Our criteria for placing items on our shop:

  • Must have an high price\performance ratio
  • Not infringe copyright laws or not be a copycat or clone of existing products
  • End price (including Volumio’s commission) must be equal to original price


Volumio shop will be operated in Dropshipping. This means that nor Volumio SRL or the Volumio team will actually ship your products. Instead, third-party products are showcased on the website, and shipping, invoicing, refunds, support and warranty are operated by the actual manufacturer, seller or distributor.  For a complete overview of the service, please review our terms and contitions.

This is what typically happens when you order a product:

  • You can choose as many products as you wish, even from different suppliers
  • On checkout, you can review the shipping options
  • If you choose items from 2 different suppliers, you will receive 2 packages, and shipping cost are calculated for both.
  • On payment, a small fee is retained by Volumio via Paypal chained payments (you will see the actual commission in the paypal checkout page)
  • The seller will receive the full price plus shipping, minus Volumio’s commission
  • Seller will ship the items, give warranty, support and eventual refunds.

On the sellers side:

  • After being approved, you can list the agreed items on Volumio Shop
  • Price must be equal to the price you make on your own shop, or on third-parties shops.
  • Once an order is made, you will receive a mail with all order details and the payment via paypal (minus Volumio’s commission)
  • Shipt the product and communicate to customer the tracking code, if available
  • Support and offer warranty to the purchase.