• Customer care is something we want to be proud of. Our customers are never alone and we go always the extra mile to ensure the best experience possible. Help us help you by reading the following tips when seeking support
  • If you’re looking for help with an existing orders, please reply to the confirmation e-mail we’ve sent you. This way we will be able to provide support more efficiently
  • Please write in english
  • In case of hardware problems, please explain the situation as accurately as possible
  • We are generally quite fast to reply during business hours (GMT+2), but replies might be slow during weekends, holidays and in the month of August
  • If you place an order (so the payment is executed) but you don’t get a confirmation email within 2 hours, please write us forwarding your payment receipt and we will sort your order for you
  • Yes, we do provide OEM\ODM discounts, but only for orders of at least 10 units