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VOLUMIO is a free and open source Linux Distribution

It turns embedded systems into an AUDIOPHILE MUSIC PLAYER

It is designed to be SIMPLE. To sound AMAZING. To be WHAT YOUR MUSIC DESERVES.


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Volumio is the evolution of the RaspyFi Project, started in December 2012. Thanks to the huge success RaspyFi achieved, we thought it was time to  take this project to a whole new level. This is where all started. Thanks to Solidrun, Udoo and BeagleBoard who believed in our vision, we ported (and further expanded) RaspyFi’s goals and compatibility. What you have here is the result of sleepless coding nights, precious feedbacks from our Users. And a pure, intense, visceral passion for music and technology.


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  • The core system is tailored for High Quality Audio Reproduction, nothing less and nothing more.
  • Volumio has to be easy to use. Everyone should be able to start playing  in less than 5 minutes.
  • It has to play everything you want. Hi-res files, MP3s, Web radios, streaming services and so on.
  • Free and Open Source. We do strongly believe knowledge has to be shared.
  • Multiplatform and adaptable. Choose the device that’s better for you, and adjust your listening experience as you wish.


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  • The OS itself runs at its bare minimum, there is no graphical interface, only needed processes and modules are loaded. The system has been obsessively tuned to operate as smooth as possible. This allows your music to be played as accurate as possible, improving audio quality and making the playback less jitter prone.
  • Everything is ready and configured out of the box. All the utilities involved work together seamlessly from the very first start. If some configuration has to be made, it can be done with the graphical configuration in the WebUi. We worked a lot on the ergonomic side of things, enjoying music had to be simple, not simplicistic.
  • Volumio features bit perfect playback of lossless files from your local library. But it has also a built-in Web Radio support and  can also act as an AirPlay© receiver. You can control all of these features from the Webui, sitting on your sofa.
  • This project relies also on tons of good code made by developers all around the world. What we did was just put it all together and make it act as one echosystem. That’s why it is so important to us that everybody can enjoy it for free, on top of that we do encourage everyone who wants to look at the code, improve it, find bugs or simply understand how digital audio works.
  • We selected the most (for us) interesting embedded platforms around, and focused on tailoring Volumio on their specific peculiarities. This means you can actually choose the platform that best fits your needs. This allows you to build your very personal home Audiophile system.
  • Volumio wants to offer a natural way of controlling music playback. It is designed to be operated from the device you want, wheter it is your Smartphone, your Tablet and your PC. Volumio features a slick and handy WebUi. No need to install anything, point your browser to http://volumio/ and all your Music is just a fingertip away. If you prefer, there are also lots of third-party clients available.


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This project aims to combine features that were usually not available altogether in current software/hardware environments. You could just have a good sounding music server, but this usually meant spending lots of cash and using those devices the way they were meant to be used by their manufacturers, not by your needs. You can build a MPD server by your own, but that represented a big issue for less linux-savy people. Or you could just mess around with some expensive proprietary software solution.

Times were ready for everyone to have something that’s good sounding, cheap, easy to use and adaptable. Embedded devices made it possible, our project just catalyzes their potentials into Audio Playback use.

This is what all our efforts brought to you. We hope you can enjoy it as much as we did creating it.