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The MusicScope is a high precision software audio analyzer and measuring tool that works as an Audio-Microscope to visualize the different quality aspects of a music collection. Your new favorite measurement tool!


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MusicScope is the only software you’ll ever need to analyze the quality and health of your music collection. MusicScope is a high precision software audio analyzer and measuring tool that works as an Audio-Microscope, allowing to visualize in a comprehensive way several indicators about file and recording quality of your audio files.

I’ve been using different audio testing software, most of them amazing open source application. But since I tried MusicScope, it simply has become my favorite audio testing software,  packing everything I needed (and way more than that…) in a single solution. It has an overwhelmingly-long feature list (which I dare you to read and understand completely):


  • Supported Audio formats, Sample Rates and Bit Depth: FLAC, ALAC, WAV, BWF, AIFF and MP3 from 44.1 kHz to 384 kHz, DSD64, DSD128 (Double DSD), DSD256 (Quadruple DSD) and DSD512 (Octuple DSD)
  • Display of the Peak- and Loudness-Values as well as the Mid/Side measurements over the whole track
  • Stereo Meter: Vector Scope, Balance Indicator and Correlation Meter
  • True Peak Meter: Detection of Inter Sample Peaks. Measured Data: Peak, RMS, Crest and PLR
  • Frequency spectrum: Linear and logarithmic mode with determination of frequency and amplitude via mouse pointer
  • Loudness Measurements (EBU R128 and ITU-R BS-1770) Measured Data: Momentary-, Short-Term-, Integrated-Loudness and Loudness Range (LRA)
  • Display of the Peak- and Loudness-Values as well as the Mid/Side measurements over the whole track
  • Loudness- & TPL-Histogram: Display of Loudness- and TPL-Distribution
  • DC-Indicator: Direct Current indicator to reveal any DC offset
  • Detailed analysis of harmonics
  • Display of the correlation between the left and right channel over the whole Frequency-Range to identify cancellations
  • Jitter Analyzer Module: Measurement of the Digital to Analog Converter quality
  • THD Analyzer Module: Measurement of the Total Harmonic Distortions of DA-Converters, Headphone Amplifiers, etc.
  • Realtime analysis of external audio sources via audio input (e.g. Line-In)
  • Turntable RPM Measurement
  • Automatic recognition of the real bandwidth of high-resolution audio files
  • MusicScope Cloud: Share your measurements with the MusicScope Community and Access the measurements of other community members
  • Compatible with Windows 7 -10 32 & 64 bit,  Mac OSX Mountain Lion 10.8.3 – El Capitan 10.11.x

Why We Like it

  • The most comprehensive audio file analyzing solution
  • Tons of features
  • It can become a sound equipment analysis too
  • The MusicScope Cloud is a clever tool to understand the reliability of your Hi Res Music provider
  • It can even measure your Turntable RPM!

Support innovation! 

Purchasing MusicScope will fund both its development and Volumio. Not only you’ll get a very useful measurement tool, but you’ll be actively contributing to further development of those two disrupting audio softwares.

To purchase the MusicScope, just click on “Buy from Xivero”, you’ll be redirected to Xivero.com website where you will be able to finalize the purchase.


See it in action

What is Xivero

The initial mission behind the founding of the XiVero GmbH was the development of specialized algorithms to solve different problems within the domains of Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Statistical Signal Processing (SSP) and Deep Learning.
During the development of highly efficient algorithms for Software Defined Radio (SDR) application we found out that all of us are really passionate for audiophile solutions in hardware and software. So, it was a natural step to develop consumer HiFi software products where we had the possibility to bring in our knowledge of DSP algorithms.
Why MusicScope, with the words of its developers

As passionated HiFi fans we’re not really satisfied with the most important part of the HiFi chain, which is in our opinion the music itself.
Because todays productions are heavily compressed and limited we decided to develop a software that provides the same analyzing tools used within a professional studio environment but much easier to use. The MusicScope was born to democratize the measurement of the music quality. Now you are able to quantify flaws already perceived by your ears, applying industry standards like R128.
We hope that the MusicScope puts enough pressure on the commercial music production to make it worthwhile for them to achieve higher quality results in future.

It is really interesting that not only HiFi enthusiasts are customers of the MusicScope to measure their whole music libraries but also more and more audio engineers integrate the application into their production chain to check whether the measurements confirm that the production achieves the highest quality attainable.

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