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The Terra-BerryDAC 2+ is a no-compromise high-end RaspberryPi I2S Audio DAC featuring an over the top design in every detail. It includes Terra-Berry DAC2+ PCB, RCA PCB, M2.5 11mm spacer x and M2.5 nut x 4.

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Product Description

Straight out of Japan, an excellent and well over the top I2S DAC designed around the Asaki Kasei AKM4490 DAC. The Terra-BerryDAC 2+ is a no-compromise high-end RaspberryPi I2S Audio DAC, the successor of the praised Terra-Berry (which was in absolute my favorite I2S DAC). The Terra-BerryDAC 2+ features a no-compromise design in every detail.

It includes:
– Terra-Berry DAC2+ PCB
– M2.5 11mm spacer x 6
– M2.5 nut x 4

This is the only DAC equipped with the I2S DoP decoder, this means it can play DSD over PCM via I2S. It also features an integrated micro-controller, which can be used to fine-tune this DAC to its best potential. So, it’s not yet another I2S DAC: this is the most advanced I2S DAC for Raspberry PI (but can be used also standalone, by connecting it to a USB to I2S receiver) available and its extended configuration capabilities makes it ideal for the ones looking to fiddle and tweak their DAC.


  • Raspberry Pi HAT compatible, GPIO I2S connection
  • Powered by AKM AK4490 DAC PCM
  • Playback up to 768KH/32bit PCM and DSD up to 11.2MHz
  • Two low jitter Crystal oscillator for Master Clock (45.158400MHz and 49.152000MHz)
  • Re-clocking and up sampling by AKM AK4137 SRC with onboard MCLK oscillator
  • Onboard I2S DoP decoder by AK4137
  • Independent power circuit for DAC VREF
  • Automatic MCLK selection by LRCLK frequency
  • Balanced / Unbalanced output
  • Independent DAC power input connector
  • Combo384 support


Description of Connectors

Connector description

Analog output pins

  1. Unbalanced output: Rch out,GND/Rch out,GND
  2. Balance output : L+(HOT), L-(COLD), GND/R+(HOT), R-(COLD), GND

Switch and Indicator pins

I2S input SW1 SW2 SRC output
(DAC mode)
Mode selection
PCM OFF PCM OFF OFF Auto setting
DSD(DoP) OFF DSD OFF ON Auto setting
PCM ON OFF PCM ON OFF Manual setting
PCM ON ON DSD ON ON Manual setting
DSD(DoP) ON OFF PCM ON OFF Manual setting
DSD(DoP) ON ON DSD ON ON Manual setting


  • SW OFF is open/SW ON is short to GND
  • SW2 is ignored when SW1 is OFF


SRC output format

I2S input Output mode
(DAC input mode)
Auto setting
PCM output
DSD output
PCM 44.1KHz PCM 705.6KHz PCM 705.6KHz DSD 5.6MHz
PCM 48KHz PCM 768KHz PCM 768KHz DSD 6.1MHz
PCM 88.2KHz PCM 705.6KHz PCM 705.6KHz DSD 5.6MHz
PCM 192KHz PCM 768KHz PCM 768Hz DSD 12.2MHz
PCM 384KHz PCM 768KHz PCM 768KHz DSD 12.2MHz
DSD 2.8MHz
(DoP 176.4KHz)
DSD 11.2MHz PCM 705.6KHz DSD 11.2MHz
DSD 5.6MHz
(DoP 352.8KHz)
DSD 11.2MHz PCM 768KHzz DSD 11.2MHz

This spec depend on AK4137.

Advanced Configuration Options

This DAC can be accessed via serial port, to configure various parameters like: hardware volume control, hw equalizer, hw resampling, filtering ecc

The DAC is accessible via /dev/ttyAMA0

Communication parameters:

Every command must start starts by ‘.’ and enter <CR>
Resposnse from DAC starts by ‘:’

For the complete list of command refer to AKM4490 Datasheet and the TerraBerry Command list



This product is shipped from Japan. International customers are responsible for any VAT and/or customs fees. These are beyond our control and will be based on declared value which is the board cost plus any options.IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR ALL CUSTOMERS


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Dimensions 12 x 12 x 12 cm

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