HiFimeDIY – HiFime Sabre USB DAC ES9023 96kHz/24bit

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Hifimediy original and bestselling Sabre dac with ES9023 DAC chip, SA9023 USB receiver. An entry level DAC with a great sound at a low price!

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Hifimediy original and bestselling Sabre dac with ES9023 DAC chip, SA9023 USB receiver. An entry level DAC with a great sound at a low price!

The HiFimeDIY Sabre DAC was developed by DIY (do-it-yourself) enthusiasts for the purpose of making a really good but cheap dac that could compete against regular commercial DAC’s costing many times as much. It uses a DAC chip from ESS Technology, whose DAC chips are highly regarded. The ES9023 chip is their simplest DAC chip which keeps many of the features of their bigger brothers at a minimal cost. You pay for the sound, not the enclosure. We use a small lightweight simple case, so that you don’t have to pay extra for a bigger, heavier and more expensive enclosure. The power supply in a DAC is very important for the sound quality. We use a high end ultra-low noise regulator (LT1763) and extra capacitors to smoothen the often noisy power from USB port.

The DAC can be used together with the USB Isolator to further improve the power supply quality. The isolator will isolate the power from the PC and give a cleaner 5VDC power to the DAC. We have experienced improved clarity in soundstage and separation using this isolator together with the Hifimediy DAC’s.
  • Mac, Windows and Linux computers, do drivers required
  • Works out of the Box with Volumio
  • See the forum thread for Android compability
  • Also reported to work with the Synology DS115J audio station
  • Output from 3.5mm headphone connector
  • No drivers required on Mac, Windows and Linux
  • Normal line level output (2Vrms) when connected to amplifiers/preamps. For headphones the level decreases down to 1 Vrms for 32 ohm headphones
  • Quality gold plated headphone connector
Additional features:
  • USB to optical converter. Outputs optical signal if you connect a 3.5mm optical cable in place of a 3.5mm audio cable. Can be useful for connecting your computer to another DAC without usb input.
Highlights about Sabre ES9023 dac chip:
  • The sound go straight out of the DAC chip and into your headphones or amplifier. It is not needed that the sound signal go through a capacitor to remove a DC voltage, there is no DC voltage to remove! This omits the need of a coloring cap which adds costs and reduces sound quality.
  • Jitter Eliminator! The ES9023 uses patented HyperstreamTM architecture and Time Domain Jitter Eliminator.
  • 112db DNR
USB (receiver) chip Savitech SA9023:
  • Accepts 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48khz, 88kHz and 96kHz sample rates. Many USB DAC’s use the cheaper PCM2704 usb receiver chips that can only accept up to 48kHz/16bit.
  • Works in USB Adaptive mode.
ASIO driver:
ASIO drivers can provide lower latency, and is to optional to use.  Asio drivers is only recommended for advanced users, and is not required for normal audio playback.
Output levels:
  • Open 2.2Vrms
  • 4.7Kohm 2.1Vrms
  • 1.8Kohm 1.9Vrms
  • 510ohm 1.5Vrms
  • 330ohm 1.3Vrms
  • 30ohm 1Vrms
Note: Normally amplifier inputs are from 10K to 100K ohm. Normal headphones are from 32 ohm to 250ohm.



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