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For Music Lovers, by Music Lovers

We engineered Volumio Primo to provide our community of music lovers an Audiophile Music Player we were proud of.
It is the ideal partner to the Volumio Software that we needed and wanted but couldn’t find in the market.

That’s why we set ourselves on a mission to build our own hardware solution.
Simply designed, well priced and with the highest possible audio quality.

Volumio Primo is the result of our 12 months quest for our ideal Audiophile Music Player.
We wanted to stay true to our core principle: uncompromised audio quality.
And to reach this goal we reviewed countless prototypes and designs, working toe-to-toe with a long-time OEM partner capable of combining our vision and research with its long-time manufacturing expertise.

Primo in Italian means First.
We chose this name not only because its our first take of a complete Volumio Music Player directly manufactured under our specifications, but also to represent our ambition to create YOUR favorite music player.
The first of your personal list.

“Primo was the one we immediately liked the most. The device had the most detailed and balanced natural sound.”

Jens Neugebauer, Soundcheck Hamburg founder

Soundcheck is an independent and non-profit association of Hi-Fi enthusiasts, gathering together to evaluate with double-blind methodology several Audio equipments (typically I2S hats for Raspberry PI). We’ve sent an early prototype of Primo to soundcheck in early July.


“The Sound Quality is remarkably good… Soundwise, the Primo is a winner in its class.
… The Primo offers very good Sound Quality and Build Quality for the Money.”

Hans Beekhuyzen, The Hans Beekhuyzen Project


  • Uncompromised Bit-Perfect Audio Playback
  • Hi Quality Audio Output powered by ESS SABRE 9028QM DAC
  • USB Audio Output up to PCM 32 bit 768 kHz and DSD512
  • SPDIF Audio Output up to 24 bit 192 kHZ
  • Supported Formats: DSD, WAV, FLAC, Alac, Aac, Vorbis, Cue, Mp3 and more
  • Playback control and configuration via Web-app from anything with a browser
  • Powered by ASUS Tinkerboard S
  • HDMI Video Output
  • UPNP \ DLNA Renderer with Open Home support
  • Integrated WebRadio directories
  • CIFS\SMB and NFS Network Attached Storage compatibility
  • Multilanguage
  • Alarm and sleep function
  • Wireless and Wired Network Connectivity


Why Volumio Primo is different

Versatile output options

Volumio primo integrates an excellent ES9028Q2M D\A Converter which outputs a superb Analog signal via a pair of high-quality gold-plated RCA connectors. But, should you prefer a pure digital output Primo features also a coaxial S\PDIF out. Not to mention that you can also connect an external DAC via one of 4 USB ports, capable to stream glitch-free audio up to 32 bits and 768 kHZ and DSD 512.

Cherry on the cake is its HDMI output: this way you will be able to enjoy Volumio’s user interface directly from Primo. For example on your Living Room TV or a desktop touchscreen.

Play any Digital material you want

As Volumio, Primo is a universal player: from mp3s to Hi-Resolution flacs, Internet Radios, DSD files and of course Hi-Res Music Streaming services like TIDAL and Qobuz.

If that wasn’t enough, Volumio’s plugins store offer a variety of other third party integrations like Spotify, YouTube, TuneIn Radio and much more.

Powered by ASUS

We wanted our streamer to have the best possible Computer hardware: that’s why we designed the Primo around the excellent ASUS Tinkerboard S. Unlike similar solutions (Raspberry PI) Tinkerboard has a carefully designed USB bus and clock, which makes it ideal for audio applications. Furthermore it has a very powerful processor, which results in smooth operations even on the most demanding tasks.

Last, it features an integrated 16GB Solid State memory which is more stable and faster compared to SD Card storage.


First-class networking

Being Primo a network music player, its networking capabilities must be up to the task. And they do: Gigabit Ethernet for ultra-fast transfer speed and an external Wi-Fi antenna for optimal signal.


Technical Specifications

Analog output: ES9028Q2M DAC via I2S, PCM 24 bits 192kHz , DSD128 via DoP
S\PDIF output: PCM 24 bits 192kHz
USB output: 4X USB 2.0 , PCM 32 bits 768kHz
CPU: Quad core 1.8 GHz ARM Cortex-A17 with passive heatsink
Internal Memory: 16GB Emmc
Video Output: HDMI, up to 4K resolution
LAN: Gigabit
Wireless Networking: 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi & Bluetooth 4.0 + EDR with External Antenna

Already empowering 200k+ devices




Step 1: Unbox your Primo.
Step 2: Connect your Audio system via RCA, SPDIF or USB
Step 3: Screw the included Wireless Antenna
Step 4: Plug one end of the Power Supply into the wall and the other end into Primo.
Step 5: Reach your sofa and wait one minute for Primo to initialize
Step 6: Connect to the wireless network called Volumio (password volumio2)
Step 7: Complete the first setup wizard
Step 8: Be amazed by what you hear
Step 9: Done.


How does this pre-order work?

Those 50 pieces batch of Volumio Primo are being currently manufactured and estimated time of shipping to customers is mid February 2019. Primo will be shipped from Italy with express courier.

Primo is available at the moment for European Customers Only. We are working hard to make worldwide delivery available soon.

Do I need to assemble it?

No, primo will come assembled and ready to play with Volumio pre-installed.

Are you offering any warranty on it?

Yes, full 2 years EU Warranty.


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