custom solutions

Volumio community edition

Being a community driven and open source project, Volumio features several advantages over proprietary audio solutions:
it is used by hundreds of thousands of music lovers all around the world (we estimate around 300k active users), therefore is tested and proven by a wide audience. That makes it extremely stable and reliable. On top of that, a continuous improvement process is ignited by Volumio’s vibrant community, fostering a neverending improvement process.
Last but not least, it is an Audiophile Music Player made by music enthusiasts: there’s nobody that can do it better than music junkies.

volumio oem

Many OEMs adopted Volumio for their Audio Servers and Streamers. What we offer is state of the art, reliable solution at a very affordable cost. Developing an equally performing audio system will require lots of financial and technical effort, Volumio instead offers a ready-to-market audio white label solution that can be easily customized to fit any configuration.
Not only you’ll get our expertise in Audio software, but also we can help with consulting in Digital Audio hardware.

Our mission is to help Audio Companies like yours to deliver exciting products to the market.

new features

Not only we will customize the look and feel of Volumio to fit it with your branding, but we can also create new functions based on your expectations. With a team of passionate and skilled developers, there’s nothing we can’t do. From dedicated apps, third party services integrations and fleets deployments, our development team will help you bring your awesome ideas into the products you always dreamed.

Failproof update system

The most important feature we can offer to OEM customers is our rock solid update system. We’ve designed it to work as a flawless OTA (Over the Air) platform, and it proved to be as strong as it can be. If internet is not available on your device, Volumio based products can also be updated via USB.
Our update infrastructure is available also as a white label solution, delivering customized updates to any customer base you might have.

flexible licencing

We’ve developed a simple and cost-effective licensing method. It can be either by a one time fee or a scalable approach, based on sales amount. We’re committed to help all kind of companies to bring awesome products to market, and that means offering an highly cost effective solution.

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