New Version of Volumio for Rpi – Bugfixes and improvements

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A bugfix new version of Volumio for Raspberry PI…

The new changes are:

– More stable system
– Playback should stutter no more on problematic systems
– Shairport no more resamples to 48 khrtz, but 44,1 instead
– FFmpeg library enabled, so no-one of your music files will be left out
– Hosts fixed
– Now shutdown command actually shuts the pi down instead of rebooting
– Fixed system halting after rebooting while playing
– A minor tweak that results in sonic improvements

You are advised that in order to get the best audio quality, just go to playback, select hardware mixer and then hit save. This way the system tailors itself to your very DAC.

As usual, you’ll find this release in torrent and sourceforge link, please help by seeding it!

You can discuss about that on Volumio Forum


Let me know what is solved and what is not. Hope for you guys a merry Christmas! And of course a brilliant new year, where you’ll find what you’re looking for.

A big hug


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  • Miroslav Rešetar

    Thank You! It’s working with Muse 2704 DAC. Merry Chrismas!

  • rost21A

    Thank you for the great work. Volumio is perfect!
    So I come away from my Squeezebox;-)
    It sounds really excellent, I enjoy the music very much!

    Greetings from Switzerland

  • Naqua

    Hello, first of all thanks for your work.
    I am in the process of choosing a hardware device.
    I want to choose the raspberry pi but i read there is a maximum of the sample bits and frequency it can play without stuttering.
    In your blog above it states that playback won’t stutter no more.
    My question is what the maximum of file quality is i can play with the pi without stuttering if i use it dedicated for audio playback.
    Thank you.

    • mikelangeloz

      It really depends on your DAC and network… I would suggest going with a more powerful platform, like Cubox-i or Udoo

  • David Simpson

    Great work!
    Thought I would let you know but the HiFiBerry Dac does not work in beta v1.1

    • mikelangeloz

      Thank you, yes I know that I2S support got somehow broken.
      You have 2 ways:
      or do rpi-update
      or go back to beta1

      sorry for the inconvenience… I’ll correct this as soon as I can

      • bjarnevip

        Hi Mikelangeloz

        What do you mean with “do rpi-update”?

        Regards Bjarne

        PS: just ordered my HiFiBerry:-D

        • mikelangeloz

          Nevermind, almost finished another version which will work again with i2s… Will upload it soon… If you need I2S support in the meantime use the Beta1!
          Btw, rpi-update is a tool to update raspberry pi kernel…

          • bjarnevip


          • Ian Milton

            Hi Mikelangeloz,
            Any news on the date for the new version of Volumio with the I2S fixed, or if this is going to be some time can you provide full instructions for the RPI update.
            Many thanks

  • Scott


    I just switched from Raspyfi to Volumio 1.1. I’m am still exploring, but it seems like a smoother experience. Great work!

    I noticed that changing to static IP with the web interface doesn’t work. Rebooting brings the settings back to dhcp.


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