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What is MyVolumio

MyVolumio is a set of additional Premium features and cloud services for Volumio.

It’s available in 3 tiers: free, Virtuoso and Superstar.
By subscribing to either Virtuoso or Superstar plan, you will be able to get the following premium features:

  • TIDAL and QOBUZ Native integrations
  • Remote control of your Volumio device from
  • Automatic synchronization¬†and backup of Favourites, Playlists, and Webradios to all your devices


But the fun is not over since we’re working to bring other amazing capabilities to MyVolumio in the following months, such as:

  • Multiroom synchronized playback
  • Remote streaming of your music to your mobile devices
  • CD Ripping and Playback

MyVolumio login


How to use MyVolumio

  1. Create your MyVolumio account. You can do it either from Volumio’s User Interface or from
  2. If you feel like you want some awesomeness, click on update plan on top right of your profile page, and select either Virtuoso or Superstar Plan
  3. Make sure your device appears in the device list on your profile page, with a play icon nearby
  4. You’re all set! You can now enjoy all the awesomeness of MyVolumio

MyVolumio Profile

Current Features

TIDAL and QOBUZ Streaming Services

We worked really hard to bring native TIDAL and QOBUZ streaming to MyVolumio users. Being a native integration, many issues due to DLNA resampling and compatibility will be avoided, allowing for bit-perfect Hi-Res streaming playback.

Remote Control of your Volumio devices

MyVolumio allows to control all your Volumio devices from via a secure connection, available also when you’re not on the same network. You will be able to control your devices even when not at home.

Automaticy Backup and Sync

All your favourites, Playlists and webradios are automatically synced to all your devices and backed-up to a secure location, ready to be restored whenever you set-up a new MyVolumio device.


Need help?

No problem! We’ve set up some documentation pages and will be there in case you’ll need help:

MyVolumio help forum section

MyVolumio FAQs