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Remote Control from

Control your devices from everywhere and at anytime. MyVolumio allows to control all your Volumio devices from via a secure connection, available also when you’re not on the same network. You will be able to control your devices even when not at home.

Automatic Backup and Sync

All your favourites, Playlists and webradios are automatically synced to all your devices and backed-up to a secure location, ready to be restored whenever you set-up a new MyVolumio device.

TIDAL and QOBUZ Native Integrations

Avoid DLNA resamplings and compatibility issues through TIDAL and QOBUZ streaming for a bit-perfect Hi-Res streaming playback.

Upcoming Upgrades

Multi-Room Synced Playback

This is one of the most requested features. With MyVolumio, you will be able to fill every room with HI-Resolution Audio in perfect sync.

CD Playback and Ripping

Rediscover your CD collection by simply attaching any USB CD Rom drive to your Volumio device. Play or copy your CDs in the most accurate way.

Automatic Updates

Forget checking for new software updates: your Volumio device will automatically update itself when not in use. To reward you with the latest features we have to offer.


All Volumio Free Features

Runs on Raspberry PI, UDOO, Cubox-i, Odroid, PC, Mac and a variety of other small devices

Minimal operating system, tailored for Bit-Perfect Audio Playback

The system is loaded entirely on RAM and optimized for lightweight operations

Various Audio related tweaking for best audio performances

Works with any USB 2.0 DAC

Raspberry PI and Odroid I2S DACs supported natively

Supports all filetypes: FLAC, Alac, Aac, Vorbis, Mp3, DSD etc

UPNP Playback

Airplay Playback

DSD Over PCM support, for non Direct-DSD compatible hardware

Integrated WebRadio directories

If a compatible wireless hardware is found, Volumio will create a hotspot network for first configuration

Mount CIFS and NFS Network Attached Storage, with an auto-discovery function

Custom playlist editing and creation

Plugin support with new functions available like Spotify and Digital Room Correction

Seamless update system: no need to reinstall when a new version is available

Multilanguage with a growing number of translations available

Image background support, even your favourite one

Alarm and sleep function

Level Up Your Music

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Automatic Sync of Personal items
Remote connection to 1 device
Native TIDAL and Qobuz Integration
CD Playback and Ripping
Alexa Integration

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MyVolumio Superstar

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Use MyVolumio on up to 6 devices
Automatic Sync of Personal items
Remote connection to up to 6 devices
Native TIDAL and Qobuz Integration
CD Playback and Ripping
Alexa Integration

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