Volumio Motivo is Coming!

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Volumio Motivo is not an ordinary streamer. It will be our greatest product and biggest launch ever! Our vision is to shape and innovate the future of HI-FI by creating the next-generation Audiophile Streamer, with a completely new approach to audio processing and with the ultimate usability.

Here 3 super-cool fact about Motivo and why September 2019 is going to be an unforgettable month.




Unlinke previous Volumio products, the Motivo is going to be the result of a joint cooperation between the Volumio team, visionary audio engineering firm Yottamusic and world-class industrial design firm Design Narratives. Our mission as a company is to push hi-fi products forward by creating the most innovative and value-packed products in the market; however, we know we can’t do it alone so we partnered with the best out there to deliver a streamer that we belive will change this industry for the better.




Yottamusic has been working for 10 years on their the core-technology which is now in the Motivo: Metaclock.

With this technology, Volumio Motivo is able to achieve outstanding sound quality performances without the need of esoteric (and expensive) designs, following our core principle: the best possible sound quality with an unbeatable price\performance ratio.

Integrating Metaclock technology is being probably the biggest challenge Volumio Team has faced so far: since this technology has never been done before, in this way, there is no standard to follow nor any HOWTO nor literature. We are currently working hard to implement the very complex software integration to take the most out of this technology, without compromising on usability.

But, as soon as we were able to make the Motivo sing, all the struggle and the pain immediately was gone: Motivo sounds like anything we have ever heard before.

In that moment we understood why we were all doing this: to shape the future of hi-fi by pioneering amazing hardware products that no one has ever made before. And this is how the name Motivo was born: Motivo means Meaning and Purpose in Italian; looking at this product reminds us of our mission every single day.


and dulcis in fundo, the most important thing above all…


Nobody knows better that you how an amazing audio streamer should look like, what features it should have, how much it should cost or in which shop you would like to try it and purchase it.

Volumio Motivo is not only going to be a revolutionary hi-fi product, we want it to be the beginning of a new era of product development for our entire company. We strongly believe the best way to deliver what you guys want is to involve you directly in our development process. 

We know this product is going to be a success because we will do everything possible to make you part of the final design phase of Motivo.

Our ambition is that you are going to love this product, not because it is simply cool but because you have been part of its creation, because it has all the things that you wanted in it and because it will truly be made by music lovers for music lover.

We will listen to each and everyone of your requests and feedbacks and, in the end, yur help will make the difference for Volumio Motivo.



and now…prepare yourself for an epic journey called Volumio Motivo.

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