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Volumio - Primo x1


Volumio - Primo

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Volumio - Primo
Volumio - Primo  × 1
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Volumio - Primo
Volumio - Primo  × 1 479.00 
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Subtotal 479.00 
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Total 479.00 

I’m extremely satisfied with it, no need to speak about great sound quality (everybody will speak about it) but there’s another important point to speak about… real easy and plug & play out of the box system.

The sound is very clean and detailed. A lot of separation between the different instruments. The voices are warm and natural. In summary, a very realistic sound. I am enjoying it very much. 

The installation and setup was straightforward. I just leaved the Primo loading all the software for the first use a little bit more time than specified in the instructions. It took at least 15 minutes to be ready. 

This little device is amazing. I have it installed in a very good system with an Hypex Ncore NC122MP as ampli and KEF ls50 loudspeakers and it makes superb music.

Francesco Brocero - March 19, 2020

I’m a true audiophile and I give tid product 5 stars.

Mats - January 7, 2020

Received that well reviewed small device last week to exchange my volumio Rhasperry linked to a dying DAC.
I must admit, needed some support from volumio to get the machine running due to me being impatient – hey first big surprise. Do not expect a typical technical and emotionless hotline – I was instead hosted by Michelangelo with a superb technical service … and a sympathic and empathic patient partner on the other side. That alone is worthwhile to move from a big music machinery to that small gem in Firenze.

Connected the PRIMO with the fantastic DAC to a NAD amplifier and LINN music boxes. Unfortunately I use the WLAN – expect an even higher quality using LAN.
In a nutshell:
– the Volumio Primo box sits like innocent on the amplifier, has a wonderful design and quality materials.
– the GUI be it via Web or App easy to use, lean without any unnecessary widgets and gadgets, just what it takes to operate music channels and
again very patient to user handling.
– the music quality Primo delivers using the plug-in Tidal (currently “only” the regular quality level) is awesome. Not technical and computerized sounding; more like the analog fine tones and atmosphere. So far I experienced some classics like Simon Rattles Beethoven Symphonies and a R&B and Soul playlist as well as some Jazz classics. Big surprises.

Volumio Primo can be discussed up and down on pure technical details I myself got a real fan of Primo in only a few days just listening to the quality of music which is transported with that little box.


Edmund - December 9, 2019

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