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Volumio - Primo

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Volumio - Primo
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Volumio - Primo
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What more can I say? The Volumio Primo just works. When I first found the Primo, I was looking for simplicity. I’m a vinyl guy, but I wanted to take advantage of hi-res audio. I wanted a Qobuz streamer with no frills – I wanted something where I could pick up my iPad / iPhone, open an app, and stream music to my sound system in the best quality possible. The Primo does exactly that. I utilize the USB out to transport bit perfect playback directly to my external DAC, but the Primo has an onboard DAC as well. It is perfect for everyone and will grow with your system. Not only that, but the user interface is incredible, and it definitely adds to the listening experience! Furthermore, to have a device where the software is constantly being improved by the amazing Volumio development team – what more can you ask for? If you are looking for a streamer to handle your digital library as well as hi-res audio streaming services, look no further than the Volumio Primo. You won’t be disappointed.

Sam - July 6, 2020

Congratulations for your product. Received the Volumio Primo in four days from my order. Very easy to install, really idiot proof. Needed some hours to indexing my music library (over 4 TB in a ethernet gigabit network NAS) and then all ready to use. After some days, I’m very satisfied: a beautiful, rich sund without any fatigue after hours of listening of various kinds of music.

Roberto Sanna - June 1, 2020

I got my Volumio Primo today and I am over the moon with it! Stunning little device.

Sound is way better then with my Raspberry Pi with Hifiberry Dac+, even with the power supply that came with the device. Rich and full tones.

At this price point it is an absolute bargain imo.

Besides to sound it is very snappy and I like looks of the device, minimalistic and professional.

Great device and fantastic support by Michelangelo and Stefania as well!

Simon - May 20, 2020

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