Join us on an epic journey called Volumio Motivo

There are some moments in life that remain indelibly in our hearts and souls. One of those moments happened a couple of weeks back, for me and the Volumio Team. We were setting up our booth in Munich High-End trade show (yes, we had a booth for the first time in Volumio history) and after a couple of hours, we received the first production-like prototypes of Volumio Motivo.

Then, I carefully unwrapped the prototypes from their protective package. I had, for the first time, Motivo shining in my hands.

Boy, this was a moment. A defining one. And after one year of hard work, passionate commitment and countless challenges, it was finally real.

It was so beautiful, so well proportioned, so finely crafted. Even its weight was just perfect.

Yes, I had a moment of magic in this rainy German afternoon.

This is what I saw.

Volumio Motivo 45 degrees


We choose Munich High-End for the world premiere of Volumio Motivo because it was the perfect place for such a Groundbreaking product. We wanted to share our vision with all the Industry and make a bold and refreshing statement: this is our vision for the next generation Audiophile Streamers.

And then… The show opened.

Volumio Motivo High End Munic

And all the visitors, friends, partners, curious, press that saw the Motivo had the same shine in their eyes as I had the very first moment I saw it. I must admit, I never thought, even in my wildest dreams that one day we would have showcased such an iconic piece of equipment.

Volumio Motivo Front

But, should you think that the Motivo is only an evocative design with lots of output options and a touchscreen, you’ll be very wrong. And here starts the boring part.


You might have read in our previous post that Motivo is the brainchild of a Joint Venture between world-class industrial design firm Design Narratives and R&D and audio design Company Yottamusic.

Yottamusic has been working for 10 years on their the core-technology which is now in the Motivo: METACLOCK.

This Technology has 3 core principles:

  • Do not use a generic SOC (System-on-chip to handle communication with the DAC)
  • Use an interface that, other than USB and I2S allows faster data transfer
  • Use a dedicated FPGA (a particular kind of processor which is extremely optimized for certain tasks) to handle communication with the DAC. Therefore emancipating the Audio Quality outcome from the OS\CPU combination.

It works this way:

  • The audio stream is sent from the CPU via a high-speed BUS (SDIO) to a dedicated FPGA
  • Here the stream is reclocked via a double buffer and stored on a high-speed memory
  • It’s then sent, at the right moment to the DAC

The results that it brings:

  • 104dB THD+N
  • 110dB SNR
  • Jitter: 200ps Maximum
  • Network data correction

This means that with Metaclock technology, Volumio Motivo is able to achieve outstanding sound quality performances without the need of esoteric (and expensive) designs, following our core principle: the best possible sound quality with an unbeatable price\performance ratio.

Integrating Metaclock technology is being probably the biggest challenge Volumio Team has faced so far: since this technology has never been done before, in this way, there is no standard to follow nor any HOWTO nor literature. We are currently working hard to implement the very complex software integration to take the most out of this technology, without compromising on usability.

But, as soon as we were able to make the Motivo sing, all the struggle and the pain immediately was gone: Motivo sounds like I never, never, never heard anything before.

In this moment I understood why we were all doing this. And this is where the name Motivo was born: Motivo means Meaning and Purpose in Italian.


For those of you craving for technical specifications, here they are:

Balanced and Unbalanced Analog Audio Output up to PCM 32 bit 768 kHz and DSD 1024
USB Audio Output up to PCM 32 bit 768 kHz and DSD512
SPDIF and Toslink Digital Audio Output up to PCM 24 bit 192 kHz
I2S over HDMI Audio Output
8'' Onboard OLED Touchscreen
HDMI Video Output
Gigabit Ethernet
Wireless 2.4 and 5 GHz + Bluetooth 4.1
Physical Volume Knob + Turn on\off button
Programmable state LED


We want to say a huge thank you to everyone that stopped to our booth and told us wonders about the Motivo. We want to say a huge thank you to everyone that wrote us (we’re overwhelmed by this reaction) asking more details and availability for the Volumio Motivo (the press already named it "A Gorgeous Audio Streamer").
We want to say thank you to all our community members, for making us what we are today. We want to say thank you to all our partners who believe in us and what we want to achieve.

We want to say thank you for reminding us once again why we are doing this, and why Motivo is something important for all of us.

Now, the road which will lead to Motivo manufacturing has started, and our goal is to have it on sale starting from September 2019. The Motivo will be positioned as our flagship Integrated Streamer and although it will be priced sensibly higher than Primo it will offer, as always, an unbeatable Quality\Price ratio.

And this is where it gets interesting: as always, we think the best way to deliver what you guys want is to involve you directly in our developments. 

So, we want to invite you to join us the final design phase of Volumio Motivo. We want you to be part of this success, and we do strongly believe that your help will make the difference for Volumio Motivo, as it was for everything we've done in the past.

By entering your email below, you'll join a dedicated mailing list where we will ask your opinion about some final decision about features, design choices and product variants. You will be kept closely posted on the development of the project. And as a final thank you, you'll get priority access to preorders when available.

Meet us in Munich High-End 2019

We all need certainties in life, and for us of Volumio Team, attending Munich High-End fair has been one of those, since 4 years.

High-End Munich is the world's biggest and most important Hi-Fi trade fair. Everyone (Audio manufacturers, designers, distributors, press) is there. For us it has always been a very important appointment since it's a unique moment to spend time with our OEM Partners, discuss new projects and cooperations, see the latest trends in action and listen to some very remarkable audio systems.

But this time, it will be different. This time, it will be special.

We are so proud to announce that, for the first time, Volumio will join Munich High-End show as an exhibitor! Yes, we will have our own booth in Halle 1, stand A21!

And that's not the last surprise we have for you, as we will show not one but 2 world premieres and some really interesting previews. Let's see them all:


It's well over one year since we started working on a new, groundbreaking streamer. Its name is Motivo.

It’s a joint cooperation between Volumio, visionary engineering firm Yottamusic and world-class industrial design firm Design Narratives.

We gathered together around a simple vision: to create the next-generation Audiophile Streamer, with a completely new approach to audio processing and with the ultimate usability.

Motivo in Italian means Meaning. And Motivo is our statement to what enjoying music means to us.

You will know everything about Motivo in Munich, where we will display for the first time our early prototypes.

Did I already mention it is a thing of beauty? Here's a sneak preview for you.




You asked for it, we made it. We are ready to bring to market a Linear Power Supply, designed to give the Volumio Primo (and all 5V apparatus) the cleanest possible power.

You will have the chance to see it paired with the Primo in Munich.


Our beloved user interface has been serving us wonderfully over those years, but we thought it was time to give it a nice refreshing.

Following the many suggestions from our community and our OEM partners we are performing an overhaul of the User Interface structure and adding quite a lot of usability tweaks. We are also laying the groundworks for an extended navigation capability, leveraging an all-new metadata system.

For those attending, we will be showing a sneak preview of the new interface at our booth. And here's there's another sneak preview for you.



Our booth @ Munich High-End is located in Halle 1, stand A21 

Munich High End starts Thursday 9th May and ends Sunday 12th, at MOC Munchen

If you’re just attending the fair, just come to our booth to see all our new previews and have a chat with us.

And for those wishing to listen to Motivo and Primo via exquisite Headphone systems, we will have a listening position at AudioValve's booth, located nearby in Halle 1 stand B05.

Definitely, a great chance to hear our products and to check out AudioValve outstanding offerings. For more information about AudioValve, see:

If you’re looking to have a meeting, to discuss about Volumio OEM or distributorship of our products, we definitely suggest to book an appointment with us using the following links:

OEM MEETINGS (Using Volumio OEM Technology for your Audio products)

DISTRIBUTORS MEETINGS (Become a part of Volumio network of distributors)


That’s it! We really can’t wait for this year’s Munich High End to start, and most importantly, to meet you guys there!

Volumio Alexa Skill - Find out more

Volumio Alexa Skill? We've got you covered!


Dear Community!
We're excited to announce that Volumio Alexa Skill is now available. This means you will now be able to control Volumio playback using Amazon's Alexa voice control.

We know that virtual assistants and voice user interactions are becoming more and more mainstream and widely adopted by consumers. So we wanted to give you access to Volumio Alexa Skill.


This feature is available now for all MyVolumio users on a Virtuoso and Superstar plan.

If you want to upgrade you can click here and chose one of our Virtuoso or Superstar Plan.

Enabling Volumio Alexa Skill:

First,  install the Volumio Alexa skill from Alexa's app. Then, on search skills write "Volumio" and install it.

Steps for Alexa Skill configuration:

  • Now, Click on “Activate” to start the configuration.
  • Then, login using your MyVolumio credential and allow Alexa.
  • Once you receive your user credential information confirmation, click on "Find" to find the registered Volumio devices or ask: “Alexa, discover my devices”.Note: when the device search is finished we suggest you to wait about 30 seconds before play the music.
  • Finally, play the music on Volumio using the device name. For example, if you have a device called "kitchen", ask "Alexa, play on kitchen"

Now, You can control Volumio by using voice commands such as:

"Alexa, turn up the volume on Volumio" or "Alexa, next song on Volumio"

That's it!

We hope you will enjoy it!

Volumio got a brand new website

Ladies and gentlemen. You might have noticed that Volumio got a brand new website!

There were many reasons why we choose to refresh our online spot a bit, and here they are.

The main and most important purpose of our new website is to serve our community better.

What's new in our brand new website

One shortcoming of our old website was that information was hard to find, and sometimes confusing. We received many suggestions from the community asking to improve navigations through the website. The subject people were complaining the most is that pieces of information related to MyVolumio were hard to find. Our solution? Create a 101 section of all things Volumio here.


With this new redesign, we want to offer visitors a clear overview of what Volumio is and why it's great for their music. Also, we wanted to explain in detail what MyVolumio is, how it works and give a clear and transparent overview of the different plans.  And yes, a clear and immediate of the pricing options, see them here.

On top of that, we added a coherent styling for all our Dropshipping products, to offer our partners in the shop an even nicer showcase and help them get their excellent products showcased as they deserve. We also hope that this new Shop experience will help the least expert to have a clear idea on which device might best suit their needs. So, without further do, head on the Shop page.

As you know, Volumio could not be there without its dedicated and passionate team. We're really excited to announce that even more awesome people joined us in the last few months, and we thought they deserved a place of honor in our Team page. Get to know us at the Team page.

Another great area of revamp went into the OEM page. We had huge satisfactions this year with our Oem Program, cooperating with cutting edge Audio Brands like Pro-Ject Audio Systems and Mini-DSP. What a better occasion to showcase what we achieved toghether than refreshing the OEM Page? Check it out here.

Last: we want to bring Volumio to exciting new levels, and to do that we want to attract every music lover out there. The more we are, the better.
So, yes, we went the extra mile with aesthetics, hoping to please the eyes of who's looking for their ideal Audiophile Music Player.


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